When You Need Child Support Modifications

While it is true that child support is set by state standards and withheld through income withholding it is also true that work, health and life situations change. My extensive history of working in the county has given me a unique insight into what can and cannot be a basis for modification, the acceptable reasons for modification and the modification process. Working with an experienced family law attorney who has an understanding of the county and the courts can ensure that a necessary modification is approved when possible.

Determining A Basis For The Modification

The first step in any child support payment modification is to assess the current situation and see if there is a basis for a modification of support. While there are standard child support payment guidelines, the courts do have discretion in this area and changes, when merited, are possible. When we meet, I will run modification calculations and ascertain whether or not it makes sense given your situation to modify the support. Changes such as an emancipated minor, or shifting from the support of two minor children to one minor child can be valid reasons for a modification. Dramatic changes in income for either party can affect a modification as can multiple obligations. If there has been a drastic change in income to either party, we can request tax returns and based on that assessment we can decide what to do next.

Call To Schedule A Consultation

If you would like to discuss whether or not a child support modification is possible given the facts of your current situation, or if you have other questions that pertain to your divorce decree, please call my office at 651-447-6478. You may also email me and I will respond promptly. We can set up a legal advice consultation to discuss the current facts of your case and determine if there is a basis to modify the terms of the current order.