An Attorney Focused On Family Law And Client Well-Being

When you hire Krenner Law LLC, you can be sure that your attorney is highly experienced in family law and always focused on your well-being. As a lawyer I have helped countless individuals, couples and families successfully resolve their family law issues, including:

My approach to each client is simple but effective: I provide my clients full information because I know that information is empowering. Once my clients understand what the legal process looks like and how the law applies to their case, they then understand what a divorce decree can and cannot do. They also understand both the limitations and the protections of the law. Although I am very straightforward with the information I provide, I also strive to foster a warm and welcoming environment where clients feel comfortable and supported.

Dispelling Common Divorce Misconceptions

My goal of informing and empowering clients often requires me to combat client misinformation. By providing clear answers to their divorce-related questions and explaining the realities of divorce, I dispel myths and set reasonable expectations not only for the process itself but also for the future.

When family law clients come to me, many have misconceptions about divorce. Here are some of the most common:

  • My spouse and I agree on everything: In many cases, clients believe they have worked out all the details of their divorces on their own and that they only need a lawyer to handle the paperwork. During their initial consultations, many realize how far this is from the truth. It is too easy to forget the division of intangible assets, such as 401(k)s and other savings or retirement plans. I help protect your future by ensuring every asset is valued and divided equitably.
  • My divorce will be final in a month: The length of the divorce process in Minnesota varies significantly based on several factors. Those factors include the involvement of children, the length of the marriage, real estate ownership, court schedules and, the biggest influence of all, contention. It is likely that the more contentious your divorce, the longer the process will take.
  • Litigation is my only option: Many clients believe they will never be able to reach agreements with their soon-to-be ex-spouses and litigation, with their attorneys at their sides, is their only option. Fortunately, their situations are often not as dire as they believe. Regardless of how bad your relationship currently feels, you may be able to pursue negotiations using alternative dispute resolution methods.

Unique Experience Guides My Practice

My years as a county court clerk and work in the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office offered a unique view into the day-to-day operations of our system. As a former counselor for emotionally troubled children, I have a profound and intimate understanding of the effects trauma and divorce can have on children as well as adults. Because I worked with the schools, I can help parents understand their child’s IEPs and 504 plans and how to work with the schools to get the best for their children during this time.

My work as a primary care counselor significantly helped me understand what parents and their children go through when facing ongoing difficult situations. Parents might be dealing with unique situations because of their children, especially if they have special needs children and are trying to negotiate a parenting plan. Knowing beforehand which plan is likely to work and which will not saves a lot of time, money and energy.

Helping Parents Who Need Help

One of the most common child custody myths is that the state of Minnesota is biased against one parent or the other. Custody determinations in Minnesota are based on what is best for the children. The state is not biased and does not give preference to one parent or another based on gender. It typically does not matter to the state which parent has physical custody. Similarly, my practice does not advocate for “mother’s rights” or “father’s rights.” I help any parent who needs help.

Get The Answers You Need Today

If you would like to discuss your situation, learn about your options and get answers to your divorce-related questions, you can do so by calling 651-447-6478 or sending an email to schedule your initial consultation at my Oakdale law office.