Working With You Instead Of Just For You

My name is Eileen Krenner and I founded my law firm, Krenner Law LLC, in St. Paul in 2012. Over my career, I have gained a reputation as an efficient, caring and experienced family law attorney. I approach family law challenges as my clients’ ally instead of merely as their lawyer.

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What To Expect At Our First Meeting

On your first visit I will sit down with you and get to know your expectations, the history of your issue, and your long term goals. You are free to ask any questions about the divorce, child custody or support or paternity process and I will answer you honestly. Together we will create a viable and attainable plan to reach your end goal. By making every step of the legal process a joint effort and by keeping the lines of communication open, we will work toward an acceptable resolution.

Decades Of Experience On Your Side

Prior to finishing law school, I held several positions that influenced my decision to focus my legal career on family law. As a clerk in the Ramsey County Family Court I learned about the legal system, what it can and cannot do. While clerking for various Ramsey County family court referees and magistrates, I got to know the people who make the decisions and how they determine cases. For several years while attending law school, I worked in the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office. This was eye-opening and grounded me in the realities of the county system. In addition, I counseled emotionally troubled children, many of whom struggled with the results of contentious divorces or separations. Thanks to these roles, I also have a 360 degree understanding of Minnesota’s family court system. I know which approaches work and which do not as well as how to set realistic, attainable goals.

Understanding The Affects Of Divorce

Having worked with children in crisis, special needs children and children struggling with EBD issues, I understand how conflict affects children and their school and social life. I have a firm grasp of IEPs and 504 plans and how to work with the school system. I deeply understand and appreciate the effect divorce has on children and am passionate that the needs of those most vulnerable are a top consideration. I know that heated courtroom battles rarely have real winners. More efficient and effective resolution than an emotional, drawn out trial is almost always a better option.

A Commitment To Your Well-Being

I am committed to helping the vulnerable in the community and I do pro bono work as a guardian for adults in divorce cases. Accidents, trauma and prolonged active military service can all effect an adult’s ability to make effective decisions without this support.

I bring this commitment to my clients as well. I will work with you to negotiate an agreement to preserve the health and well-being of your children and of you. Should negotiation not be a viable option, I will be at your side in the courtroom. I will work diligently to make the legal proceedings as easy as possible and provide the legal support you need. For couples who know they want to avoid court, I assist with alternative dispute resolution and mediation services.

If you would like to meet and discuss if my skills and experience match your needs, simply call 651-447-6478 and schedule an appointment in my Oakdale office. You may also email me and I will respond right away. I serve clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area and surrounding communities.