Alternative Dispute Resolution And Mediation Options

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and mediation are good options for divorcing couples who want to collaborate on their divorce and avoid court. ADR is a collection of conflict resolution processes. The benefit of ADR is that it is collaborative and empowering since both parties seek their own creative and practical solutions. Mediation is one form of ADR.

Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

A family law mediator is a neutral party who is specially trained in divorce. The mediator ensures both parties are given an uninterrupted time to speak and asks for clarification when needed. The mediator also offers information about how the legal system works and how issues might be perceived by lawyers and judges. A seasoned mediator will also be able to offer valuable problem solving guidance, child custody mediation, and offer referrals.

The Two Types Of Mediation

There are two kinds of mediation in Minnesota, financial early neutral and social neutral. At Krenner Law LLC, I represent clients in both of these processes. A common form of ADR is Financial Early Neutral Evaluation, or FENE. As a FENE evaluator, I will provide my informed view as to what a reasonable resolution of your financial issues in the divorce will be. This curtails any unrealistic expectations early on, making the divorce process faster and smoother.

A Social Early Neutral Evaluation is a form of ADR that is voluntary and non-binding. In ordinary mediation, the mediator generally does not take a position. The evaluators presiding over a SENE are specifically tasked to give their recommendations in order to aid the parties in reaching a settlement. SENE usually involves both parties, both attorneys, and two court-appointed custody evaluators. Every divorce case in Minnesota is required to do some kind of ADR.

Preparation Is The Key To ADR Success

At Krenner Law LLC, I help my clients by preparing them for the process. Knowing what to expect removes a substantial amount of anxiety. This involves establishing a client’s narrative based on what an evaluator is interested in knowing and wants to see. I also prepare my clients for what the other side will ask for and offer a clear expectation of where a settlement might come in. Most importantly I bring the case to closure. I have found that two parents who work through their divorce and child custody issues together are always happier than couples who have a judge making the decision.

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