Helping You Establish Paternity

Knowing who is responsible is a vital step in any child’s well being. When it comes to a child born to a couple who are not married, establishing paternity can be a crucial step in determining the roles each parent plays in that child’s future. Working with a qualified and experienced family law attorney can ensure that your parenting rights are protected and that all legal obligations are fulfilled. In my decade as a family law attorney, I have helped both putative fathers and mothers with paternity issues.

An Order Of Paternity

“Paternity” refers the “legal” father of a child under Minnesota law. A man who is established as the “legal” father of a child has an obligation to financially support that child. A legal father of a child can seek a court order for custody and parenting time. The mother of a child is also obligated to support that child. If the reputed or “putative” father of a child refuses to acknowledge that he is the father of the child, the child’s mother can file for an Order of Paternity. If the mother of a child denies the paternity of the “putative” or generally accepted father, the father can also file an action to establish his paternal rights. DNA tests are used to make this determination and are nearly 100 percent accurate. Some counties require genetic testing and some do not. I help parents pursue genetic testing and prove paternity.

An Order of Paternity affects:

  • The custody and visitation rights of the respective parents
  • Past and future financial support for that child
  • Past and future medical expenses for the child

Most parents would like to have some control over when they are able to spend time with their child. If the mother has custody of the child when the child is born, the father may work through the courts to receive parenting time. Should the mother and father disagree in the future, then establishing paternity early can ensure the parent with primary residential responsibility receives child support. Establishing paternity also allows the child to grow up knowing both of his or her parents. At Krenner Law LLC, I have helped both fathers and mothers in actions to establish paternity and parenting rights.

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